Evita Cabinets

Blanco SM

Timeless Beauty in 'Blanco SM' Cabinets


  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF) base board covered with decorative paper and lacquered with UV treatment on its front face that provides hardness and surface quality to our products.
  • High gloss lacquered surface with excellent physical-mechanical behavior.
  • Lacquered surface in a supermatt finish with a velvety touch and high resistance, with a high technological value that achieves a matt finish that does not leave prints.
  • High resistance to light so the colors remain unchanged EN 14323: 17, products designed for daily use, resistant to all types of food stains.
  • Easy surfaces to maintain and clean thanks to its high quality finish, unique sharpness capable of giving the finish a very attractive mirror effect, durable surfaces, created for demanding environments. ISO 1518-1 scratch resistance and EN 14323: 17 resistance to cracking and staining.
  • Products made with certified raw materials from sustainable forests.
  • Protective shield on the surface that prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms, antibacterial efficacy ASTM E2180:07, JIS Z2801:06.